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Listed below are user and support links for your tado V3+ to help you set up your product and resolve any issues you might have.  

1. Click here for the tado User Guide:

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2. How to control your tado when your internet is down
3. I have tado° heating products installed and my app shows that there is no remote access. How can I fix this?
4. What type of batteries should I use in my tado° devices? How do I replace them?
5. The Internet Bridge does not connect to the internet. How can I fix this?
6. How do I pair the tado° devices with the Internet Bridge?
7. How can I restart my tado° devices?
8. What does my monthly Energy Savings Report show me?
9. What is the Air Comfort Skill?
10. How do I set up my tado° Smart Schedule?
11. tado° doesn't recognize correctly if I'm home or away. What can I do to fix this?
12. What are the smartphone settings for optimal Geofencing on iOS devices?
13. What are the smartphone settings for optimal Geofencing with Android devices?


Tado App Home screen explained 

The most important tado° features can be controlled from your home screen. Here you can also see the current temperature of your rooms or zones as well as the current status of your hot water control and geofencing mode.

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Tado manual control

Smart Thermostat / Wireless Temperature Sensor To make temporary temperature adjustments via the Smart Thermostat
press the button to activate the display. The device will first show
the current measured temperature in the room.

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Video tutorials

tado V3+ Multi Room Control

tado V3+ Overview