tado Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+

The smart way to control your heating and hot water. 

tado is your climate assistant that ensures a comfortable & healthy climate, and could considerably reduce energy consumption.

The highly rated tado app enables you to schedule and control your heating and hot water from anywhere, as well as providing insights and reports about your home climate and showing you the energy savings made by tado. 

tado is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, meaning you can control your heating and hot water with your voice, as well as integrating it into routines with other smart home devices.

The Energy Savings Trust has confirmed that tado uses energy efficiently and recommends tado as an environment-friendly addition to your heating system.


About tado: 

tado is a pioneer when it comes to intelligent climate solutions and sets the standards. Their state-of-the-art technology is continuously developed.

Multi-Room Control:

Ask your installer to add-on an extra Wired Smart Thermostat for multi-zone control. 


Key features and functions

  • Available with 18 years warranty as part of the ATAG Complete Care Pack
  • Save money: optimize your heating to suit your individual needs, while saving energy and costs on your heating bills.
  • Comfortable Climate: Enjoy the perfect room temperature at all times.
  • Can be used with a range of smart home devices: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit
  • Anytime. Anywhere: The intuitive smartphone app enables you to control your heating anytime from anywhere, more comfortably and efficiently than ever before
  • Healthy Climate: Good air has a positive impact on health. The Climate assistant helps you keep a good climate at home.
  • More insights: Clear overview of your climate at home, when you were heating, and how much you've saved
  • Compact dimensions: 102 x 80mm
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